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Welcome to the Decimation guild on Akama, US Alliance (pvp) We are a mature casual raiding guild that likes to have fun killing horde, progressing through content and of course helping out other guildies. If you are interested in joining please drop off an App, we would love to review it as we are always looking for good, smart and mature players.

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Welcome to Decimation

by Rocc, 2972 days ago

Welcome to the Decimation Guild web site.
Please excuse our mess as we are undergoing a long over due remodel. I have purged the forum's of all post so there is not much to read at the moment, so hop on and lets get some new threads going. We are all excited about the new Cataclysm expansion, and the changes made to the raid mechanics. All we need is a hand full of dedicated players and we will be ready to dive in to the new content, and start leveling our guild with the new guild leveling system. So what are you waiting for , click the apply to guild button to the left there and come join our ranks.

Please Sign the Guild Charter. Thx

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